BELLE Decorating Shefford - Shefford wallpaper fireplace
BELLE Decorating Shefford - Wallpapering Shefford
BELLE Decorating Shefford - Fireplace wallpaper detail
BELLE Decorating Shefford - Wallpaper Shefford detail
BELLE Decorating Shefford - Wallpaper detail edge

Feature Wallpaper & Fireplace, Shefford

I love this Damask wallpaper, which effortlessly enhances this magnificent Victorian fireplace. The final outcome is unparalleled and has truly made a captivating statement.

Wallpaper is the ideal choice for creating an exquisite, classic atmosphere and the unique damask pattern and its range of rich and vibrant colours make it a timeless addition to any home.

We offer a selection of luxurious and exquisite wallpapers to bring your project to life and help you envision your dream.


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